Aor, the Elemental God of Air

Aor, third of the elemental brothers and God of Air is the most fickle of them all.  Aor is the strong wind and the light breeze, he strokes the manes of foal horses on the Great Plain one moment then uproots trees the next.  Of all the Elemental Gods Aor is the one who takes the most interest in the affairs of mortals.  Since the ascendance of man from fur-clad barbarians to something approaching civilized Aor has taken it upon himself to involve himself in everything that mankind has done.  Aor the Silent is the God of Thieves, Aor the Lightning Lord is the judgemental God of Architects known for demolishing buildings he doesn’t approve of and Aor the Watchful is the God of Diviners.  The God of Air is also the most friendly of the elemental gods and is known to take physical form to converse with people who interest him.  Aor is not a true power in the way Lor is; his power comes from fast attacks and brief violent storms rather than sustained attacks and mass destruction.

The Powers of Aor

As an elemental god, Aor is beyond destruction by any means.  His body is the air that all races breath, so if any means of destroying Aor was found it would eventually result in the death of every living thing on Saas.  Aor is known to have been imprisoned at least once by accident and once deliberately, both times by mortals.  This means Aor is clearly more subject to assault than any of his godly brothers.

Aor has power over all aspects of weather, silence, electricity, blue dragons, clouds and divination.  His expanded portfolio is a result of his widespread interference which has earned him many friends, in particular the Ferendel, and many enemies, most notably the Black God himself who bares several longstanding grudges against Aor.

In relation to his brothers, Aor is the least powerful of the elemental gods and his capabilities are exceeded by some of the Elder Gods, but none of the Mortal Gods.

The Avatar of Aor

Aor is known to take physical form often.  His avatar is a face whose features are outlined by clouds and currents.  This avatar has no hit dice and is not subject to normal attacks, but certain powerful 10th level magics are capable of trapping the Elemental God Aor when he is in this form.  If Aor is trapped the air all over the world slowly becomes unbreathable and within one year, with the largest creatures dying first, all life on Saas will be dead.  The avatar can cast Lightning, Chain Lightning and Control Weather (effects are immediate) at will.  It is also affected by a continuous True Seeing, Know Alignment and Detect Lie in addition to the spell casting powers of a level 40 specialist diviner / cleric.  All abilities and spells function as if they were cast by a level 40 character.

Clerics of Aor

Worship of Aor is common throughout all the human realms.  Clerics of Aor are typically Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral (Good) and take a keen interest in human affairs.  Recently many gnomes have been attracted to the worship of Aor in lands where Hrol is unknown.

Allowed weapons: Clerics of Aor may use only blunt weapons.

Recommended NWP: Astronomy, astrology and weather sense are all recommended NWPs.

Clerics of Aor have major spell access to the following spheres: All, Creation, Elemental: Air, Weather, Divination & Travellers.

They have minor spell access to the following spheres: Healing, Necromantic, Sun & Chaos.

Additional Granted Powers: The following powers are in addition to the standard spells and abilities of a cleric.

At 1st level a cleric of Aor can cast Zone of Sweet Air once per day.

At 5th level a cleric of Aor gains access to the wizard school of divination and may cast wizard spells in place of clerical ones.

At 9th level a cleric of Aor gains +2 to his base movement rate.

At 12th level a cleric of Aor may cast Control Winds at will.

At 13th level a cleric of Aor can determine the weather in the next 6 hours with 100% accuracy.

At 14th level a cleric of Aor can fly at a rate of 12’ at movement class D and may cast Call Lightning once per day.

At 17th level a cleric of Aor becomes immune to all damage caused by spells which are partly Elemental: Air (this includes spells such as Lightning which have a weather component).

At 20th level a cleric of Aor can fly at a rate of 18’ at movement class C.

At 22nd level a cleric of Aor can fly at a rate of 22’ at movement class B.

At 24th level a cleric of Aor can fly at a rate of 24’ at movement class A and can cast the wizard spell Lightning six times per day.

Holy Symbol: The holy symbol of Aor is a feather.

Turning Ability: Clerics of Aor cannot turn undead.

Role-playing Notes: Clerics of Aor are kindly, if a bit eccentric and usually mean well even when they do something wrong.  They are often found in places where have no business being, getting involved in things which are none of their concern.  Clerics of Aor may be subject to the unprovoked attacks of the servants of Lor, Gor or Sor at any time and are in return expected to attack their counterparts whenever such action may be judiciously taken – they are devotees, not fanatics and will not risk their lives unless they are certain of victory.  In more civilized areas, such as cities, the clerics tolerate each others existence, but servants of an elemental power should always expect persecution in some form by worshippers of other elemental powers and for obvious reasons local authorities are unlikely to intervene for anything less than murder.


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