The Elemental Gods

The first children of the Mother were the Elemental Gods, the raw forces of nature incarnated by her will.  They were born of her imagination and together the four brothers – they are called brothers even though the elemental gods are sexless – made the physical world and in making the world they became a part of it forever, bound to it and sustaining it with their divine power.

Gor, eldest and first, the God of Earth, made the mountains and valleys, by his hand all the sweeping lowland plains and the unassailed heights were created from his stony flesh.

Lor, the tranquil, God of Water, made the rivers and seas from his blood and cut the glaciers of the icy north from his chill bones.  Together Lor and Gor covered all the surface of Saas, at times working together where the land was lush and verdant, at times fighting so that the ground was rocky and barren or submerged beneath deep oceans.

Aor, the swift, God of Air, wrapped the creations of Lor and Gor in clouds and wind, blowing zephyrs and tempests, striking across the sky with thunder and lightning.  Aor was a creature of pure breath whose changing moods were the most inconstant of all the Elemental Gods.

Sor, youngest and last, the God of Fire, brought light and warmth to the world.  Sor was above all in the form of a great burning sun and beneath all in the form of raging torrents of molten rock and metal.  From the energy of Sor came the vibrancy and potency of the world.  Together with Aor, Sor brought all the seasons to the world; spring, summer, autumn and winter are the continuing and unending battle between the two younger brothers.

Saas exists on the balance of the power of these brothers.  While the Mother is life itself, the brothers create the world on which life exists and should any brother gain too much power the equilibrium which allows life to exist would be thrown into imbalance and all living things would suffer.  The Elemental Gods are without form and their motives are hard for mortal creatures to judge since one brother’s campaign against another may take ten thousand years and even the swiftest of their great actions are glacial.

They take very little interest in the lives of the little creatures who scurry about them, but those rare priests who do find the favour of one of the elemental gods enjoy great power dispensed from that one God and incur the displeasure of the other three.


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