Verdun Jin, The Elder God of Riches

Last of the Elder Gods to be born, Verdun Jin was the smallest and the most overlooked.  While the other gods were involved in grand plans and schemes that would determine the destiny of the world, Verdun was quietly amassing riches.  Gold and gems were what always interested Verdun and when the time came to create the race of dwarves he placed his love of all material wealth into them.

Verdun provided the materials that were used to make all the artefacts of R’Tepp that were used in the war against the dark elves.  Where he found or how he made these materials in unknown, but they were all the part he played in the war.  Verdun, ever watchful for a change in the balance of power, was the first to realise that the Miradros would be beaten and began hiding his wealth around the world in nooks and crannies in space and time where only he could access them.  What he did not foresee was the creation of the Firmament of Heaven which separated him from his wealth forever.  Since that day more than ten thousand years ago Verdun Jin has been working to ensure that his treasure remains hidden – he guards jealously the wealth he will never be able to spend, unwilling to have it fall into the hands of others.  Estimates of the number of caches Verdun hid and their value vary wildly, but if even 1% of what is rumoured is true then discovery of just one of these hidden vaults would make the discoverer wealthy for the rest of his days.

The Powers of Verdun Jin

Verdun Jin has no expansive powers, nor does he have a sphere of influence.  He is a god without a portfolio.  Yet his power seems to stem from the wealth he has secreted away and doubtless in part from the prayers that are made to him by those seeking it – even though there’s no chance whatsoever that he’ll help them.  Verdun is the second least powerful of the Elder Gods, exceeding only Lorin in power and being exceeded by The Black God, Ssyth, Aethlis and Ibenorsus.

The Avatar of Verdun Jin

There is no avatar of Verdun Jin, but he does employ a host of servitor creatures who guard his treasure troves.  These vary from stone golems guarding the smaller hoards to great magical constructs with hundreds of hit points guarding the larger hoards.  Verdun never send these creatures to help his followers.

Clerics of Verdun Jin

Verdun’s clerics may be of any alignment and any race.

Allowed weapons: Clerics of Verdun Jin may use only blunt weapons.

Recommended NWP: Appraising and Gem cutting..

Clerics of Verdun Jin have major spell access to the following spheres: Creation, Divination, Numbers, Wards.

They have minor spell access to the following spheres: Charm, Healing, Necromantic, Summoning, Time, Travellers.

Additional Granted Powers: The following powers are in addition to the standard spells and abilities of a cleric.

At 1st level a cleric of Verdun Jin can cast Detect Treasure at will.

At 5th level a cleric of Verdun Jin can cast Identify at will.

At 9th level a cleric of Verdun Jin can cast Detect Magic at will.

Holy Symbol: The holy symbol of Verdun Jin is a rolled-up treasure map that indicates where the cleric’s wealth is loacted.

Turning Ability: Clerics of Verdun Jin cannot turn undead.

Role-playing Notes: Obsessed would be the best description of the clerics of Verdun Jin.  They serve him more out of gold lust than a sense of belief or devotion.  They are fanatical hoarders who engage in activities like burying their treasure on remote desert islands and live with the perpetual belief that someone is trying to steal from them.  As such priests of Verdun Jin are rather jittery fellows who place very little trust in their companions, especially where money is concerned.  Typical clerics of Verdun Jin come from disadvantaged backgrounds where money was always scarce – or they’ll be dwarves.  Fifty years ago the gnome Gurblethump Halley found one of the smaller treasure troves of Verdun Jin and sparked off a large number of gnomes who are trying to do the same – not because they want the money as such, just because it all sounds terribly exciting.  As a result of this gold lust many gnomes have taken to dressing as pirates, often wearing a patch over one eye and saying, “arrr” at every opportunity.


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