Lor, the Elemental God of Water

Lor is the elemental god of water, second in power to Gor, prince of the rivers and the seas.Those who live by lakes and rivers, where his power is only small, know this god as Lor the Tranquil, while those who live by the oceans where his power waxes strong know him as Lor the Great.Of all the elemental gods, Lor was the last to awaken from his slumber.Lor discovered that in the world he had helped to build there were places where he was undisputed master: the deep oceans where no light or sound could exist save by his will.All that dwells in the vast deep belongs to him and all who inhabit the shores live or die on his whim.Lor cares little for the people on the land and is usually occupied with great tidal waves or surging currents of water, but when he does turn his mind towards land it is with a wrath than none of his brother gods can match.Upon reawakening, one of Lorís first actions was to drown the land that has since become known as the Swamp of Death, home to the Lizardmen; he sent a massive wall of water half a mile high against his unsuspecting brother Gor and that land has remained as swamp for an age.Like Gor, Lor is a part of the element of water, but unlike the God of Earth, the God of Water is acutely aware of all creatures in or near water and can react swiftly against encroachment upon his realm.Without water there could be no life, but Lor is a murderous god that kills for no reason.Calling out asking Lor for aid has been the cause of the destruction of many supposedly valued and powerful water priests.

The Powers of Lor

As an elemental god without physical form, Lor is beyond destruction by any means.He is the embodiment of water and it would be impossible to destroy Lor without draining all the oceans and rivers and killing every living thing on the planet.Lor appears to be invulnerable to harm Ė certainly there is no legend that surrounds Lor being injured Ė he is water and if you cut a body of water in two with a sword it simply reforms.But Lor does not act without counterweight; all his actions against the land since that first tidal wave have been more or less thwarted by Gor, who endures Lorís presence on land at the command of the Mother, but does not enjoy it.It is known that both the Black God and the Ferendel have exerted considerable power over Lor and many of the Elder Gods have, at one time or another, forced the hand of Lor.The slave ships of the Black God are known to travel upon seas of glass that becalm their enemies and allow them to travel at great speed.And there have been many times in the past when the Ferendel have come into conflict with Lor and every time Lor has been cast back from the land like a whipped dog.As a result of this, it is unsafe for elves to travel by boat and long ago they were forced to construct the legendary air ships which other races look on with such envy.

Lor has power over all bodies of water, though he seems unable to affect that water once it is inside a living being.Lor can command all the creatures of the ocean to do his bidding, including Kraken and Sea Dragons.All ships float because he allows it, and while offerings made to Lor do not guarantee a vesselís safety, not making such an offering almost certainly assures its destruction.

In relation to his brothers, Lor is the second most powerful of the elemental gods and his capabilities exceed those of all the Elder and Mortal Gods also.

The Avatar of Lor

Lor has no known avatar, but has in the past sent the great kraken Thasmalus Baulk to do his bidding.Thasmalus is a 22HD Kraken, 25% larger than a normal kraken, who can summon (and control, unlike normal kraken) fish as per Monster Summoning III up to once an hour.Thasmalus has 100% magic resistance and all his saves are at 3.It is believed that this beast has swallowed enough treasure to ransom 10 kings, but for some reason nobody who goes in to check ever comes out.

Clerics of Lor

Any race which is allowed clerics may be clerics of Lor, though they usually grew up by a large body of water and are typically chaotic in their outlook..

Allowed weapons: Clerics of Lor may use the spear, trident, net and dagger, all other weapons are forbidden.

Recommended NWP: No compulsory NWPís, but swimming is highly recommended, as are boat piloting, fishing and navigation.

Clerics of Lor have major spell access to the following spheres: All, Creation, Elemental: Water, Chaos & Weather.

They have minor spell access to the following spheres: Animal, Healing, Necromantic.

Additional Granted Powers: The following powers are in addition to the standard spells and abilities of a cleric.

At 1st level a cleric of Lor can cast Create Water once per day (they may never cast the reverse).

At 3rd level a cleric of Lor can cast Create Water once per hour.

At 7th level a cleric of Lor gains +1 to proficiencies in swimming, boat piloting, fishing & navigation.

At 9th level a cleric of Lor can breath water like air and swim to any depth.

At 10th level a cleric of Lor gains a further +1 to the above proficiencies.

At 11th level a cleric of Lor may cast Water Walk at will.

At 16th level a cleric of Lor can cast Part Water at will.

At 20th level a cleric of Lor becomes immune to all damage caused by spells which are partly Elemental: Water.

At 22nd level a cleric of Lor may cast Tsunami once per week and is expected to do so.

Holy Symbol: The holy symbol of Gor is a teardrop-shaped aquamarine set into a silver chain.

Turning Ability: Clerics of Lor cannot turn undead.

Role-playing Notes: Clerics of Lor are as dangerous and unpredictable as their master.They believe that chaos is way the world works and that all systems of order must be cast down, that constancy is foolishness, wealth transitory and life inconsequential.Clerics of Lor are feared rather than respected, but they are not all evil, many use their powers to allow ships safe passage and ensure against droughts.Clerics of Lor may be subject to the unprovoked attacks of the servants of Gor, Aor or Sor at any time and are in return expected to attack their counterparts whenever such action may be judiciously taken Ė they are devotees, not fanatics and will not risk their lives unless they are certain of victory.In more civilized areas, such as cities, the clerics tolerate each others existence, but servants of an elemental power should always expect persecution in some form by worshippers of other elemental powers and for obvious reasons local authorities are unlikely to intervene for anything less than murder.


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