Lorin, The Elder Goddess of Beauty

Lorin was the second of the Elder Gods to be born.She is the most beautiful being created by the Mother, except for the fallen god Miradros, and for a mortal to look upon her would send then mad, strip them of their sight or kill them stone dead.No words can describe her, no medium can capture her image and she is insulted by statues and paintings to the point of severely punishing those who attempt such facsimile.She is unlike all the other gods of the Elven Pantheon in that she is supremely self-interested and obsessively vain.In action she is callous and sometimes wicked; representing all the worst characteristics of the elf race.Of all gods she is the one who is most like Miradros.

Lorin played a vital part in the destruction of Miradros, whom she had secretly despised long before his evil was revealed.While the other gods, the elves and the dwarves prepared for the final battle Lorin wrapped the God of Pride in her charms.He had always desired to possess Lorin and his great ego did not permit him believe she could feel otherwise about him.By the time he realised he had been tricked his doom was fast approaching.

Lorinís true love is her brother Narbon the Elder God of Art, for whom she has been a constant muse.

The Powers of Lorin

In terms of the raw power Lorin is the weakest of all the Elder Gods and her powers are exceeded by the Black God, the mortal gods Volus and Ssyth, by the elf archmages Aethlis, Ibenorsus and Obus and perhaps Alon, though it would be close.But as an Elder God separate from the world by the Firmament of Heaven she is not subject to normal attacks.She is the Goddess of Beauty, Falsehood, Deception and Whores.She has the power to make and take beauty from any living creature and it is a power she exercises frequently.Those who are likened to her in beauty she will torture with small blemishes, while those who compare themselves to her she can age horribly and disfigure on a whim.

The Avatar of Lorin

The avatar of Lorin is an elven woman with a natural charisma of 25.This avatar is called the Temptress of Lorin.She usually appears in this form to seduce attractive males, because she has little interest in the mortal world save for the pleasure it can give her.The powers of the avatar are unknown, but it seems able to drive any non-elf mad or blind at will with no save allowed.She never engages in combat and if attacked she simply disperses into the ether after casting some disfiguring curse on whoever dared to assault her.

This avatar is known to have attempted the seduction of Aethlis prior to his marriage to the nymph queen Ashilind.The archmage, who was famously irritated by her shallow nature, rebuffed the goddess forcefully and as punishment placed a small black mole on the Lorinís top lip.This mole, known as a beauty mark when it appears on humans, was the only imperfection on her body and she is said to have screamed in rage for a hundred years before Aethlis agreed to remove it.

Clerics of Lorin

Lorinís clerics, whether male or female, are always highly attractive.They must possess the maximum possible charisma for their race.In addition, as a mark of respect and deference to the Goddess they must scar themselves upon the face (resulting in a 1 point reduction in charisma).All worshippers of Lorin are shallow people, concerned only with themselves and usually conform to a neutral evil alignment, though they are not necessarily capable of murder they just donít really care if someone else gets killed.

Among affluent humans the worship of this goddess is secretive and often involves virgin sacrifices.Dwarves and elves, who remember the dangers of pride, are very unlikely to actively worship this goddess, but recognise her as a part of their personality which must be kept in check and for that reason they can never forget her.

Allowed weapons: Clerics of Lorin may use any weapons, though daggers are preferred.

Recommended NWP: None.

Clerics of Lorin have major spell access to the following spheres: Charm, Necromancy.

They have minor spell access to the following spheres: Healing, Chaos, Divination, Summoning.

Additional Granted Powers: The following powers are in addition to the standard spells and abilities of a cleric.

All charm spells cast by a cleric of Lorin have a Ė3 save penalty.

At 12th level a Cleric of Lorin gains the ability to Charm Person at will.

At 18th level the cleric gains +1 charisma.

Holy Symbol: The holy symbol of Lorin is a highly polished, hand-held silver mirror.

Turning Ability: Clerics of Lorin turn undead normally.

Role-playing Notes: At best a cleric of Lorin will be self obsessed and at worst they will be murderous and insanely vain.In either case, while they are very nice to look at, clerics of Lorin arenít very nice people to talk to Ė presuming theyíll talk to you at all.In combat they will always try to injure the most attractive opponent they face in the most obvious place.Facial scarring is the preference of this priesthood.


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