The Elder Gods

When the Elemental Gods fell into a deep slumber the Mother was again left alone in the world and she became lonely.  She wept that there was no-one like her in all creation and as her silvery tears struck the ground from each one grew a tree until a ring of eight trees stood.  From these trees stepped the elder gods; fully formed and strong of limb and mind, beings of grace and power, each wondrous and each unique.


First among all the elder gods was Bethanine who was the physical embodiment of Love.  Her tree was a simple oak, not dissimilar to a thousand others that stood in the Green Wood.


Second among the elder gods was Lorin who was the earthly incarnation of Beauty.  Her tree was slight and frail in appearance, its leaves transparent and seemingly made from crystal while its bark was smooth and shone like spun silver.


Next to be born from the trees was Baeandar, the first male ever to set foot upon Saas, and he was tall and strong in body and mind.  Baeandar was every aspect of the concept of Nobility.  His tree was tall and humble whilst being magnificent in every respect.


Narbon was the fourth to be born, his leafless tree was unlike any other, for it was made of living mirrors that reflected the other trees and amplified them.  Narbon was the spirit of creativity and Art.


The fifth tree to bear life was taller than any other and broader than any other.  It was more beautiful that the tree of beauty, greater in construction than art, more noble than nobility.  This tree was Pride and from it came Miradros, the God of Pride; more glorious was he than any other could ever be, more spectacular in every regard than even the Mother herself.  Miradros who in the first days was called the Prince of Gods, and who in the latter days of the Elder Age was the most accursed of all beings in creation.


Tree number six was an evergreen, its short stunted leaves were tied so tight to its branches that they could not be pulled off and so heavy set was it that no storm could shake it.  This tree was Constancy and from it stepped Durruk Bha.  He was short in stature and comical to the other gods, especially to Miradros who mocked him whenever they met.


Next was Matta Rho the spirit of Family.  Her tree was like the tree of Love, it was simple and its many branches twisted together to form a trunk that was as strong as stone.


The last among the elder gods was the smallest of all.  His eyes were tiny and set close together, but sparkled like gems with an inner light.  This was Verdun Jin the God of Riches.


The Elder Gods are broadly divided into two separate pantheons: the elf gods which are Baeandar, Bethanine, Narbon and Lorin; and the dwarf gods which are (headed by the Elemental Earth God, Gor) Durruk Bha, Matta Rho and Verdun Jin.  Miradros is no longer a member of any pantheon, he perished long ago and so terrible was his fall from grace that none who remember him speak his name.  His fate is intertwined with the fate of all things and the beginning of his tale is told here.


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