Narbon, The Elder God of Art

Narbon was the fourth of the Elder Gods to be born.He is the spirit of artifice and art, of creativity and creative endeavour.Being an inoffensive power Narbon took little part in the battles at the final days of the Elder Age but has devoted considerable effort to the lives of individuals since then.Narbon is unique in that he does not have a broad view of the world, he lives only for the moment and concentrates on one thing to the exclusion of all others.The god spends most of his time creating works of art Ė whether these be small objects, musical constructions, carvings in glaciers miles across that nobody will ever see or patterns of animal migration.All things have some interest for Narbon, though usually just for a sense of aesthetics rather than morality.He is the occasional sponsor of creative mortals and those special individuals who receive Narbonís attentions often create works of spectacular beauty that endure for centuries, filling successive generations with wonder and awe.

Narbon is the lover of the Goddess of Beauty who has been the muse of many of his creations.

The Powers of Narbon

Narbon is fifth among the Elder Gods in power.He is superior to only Verdun Jin and Bethanine and is exceeded in power by The Black God and by Dol Cadredriel Aethlis, head of the Ferendel.Narbon is the God of Art and while he does not inspire all creations he is responsible in some way for most of the great works.He is also the God of Bards and of Entertainment, making him a rather capricious and carefree god.

The Avatar of Narbon

Narbonís avatar is human in appearance, dressed in a harlequin costume of many colours and carrying a lute.The avatar flits from place to place, singing and making merry seemingly with no real purpose.It is entirely possible to meet the avatar of Narbon and never realise it.In combat the avatar is a level 35 bard with items, spells and abilities appropriate to a PC of that level.The equipment it has is variable since Narbon will only retain something while it pleases him to do so.If his sword +5 does not match his choice of trousers for the day then the sword gets dumped.

The Avatar of Narbon is believed to be in the material world at all times and should it be destroyed it would take Narbon upwards of six months to make a new one, during which time he would be petulant and moody and the quality of art produced around the world would experience a marked decline.

Clerics of Narbon

Narbon is a very elven god; carefree and intent on individualistic pursuits like most of the elven race.However in just the last century he has become popular with gnomes and, thanks to the spread of gnomes across Saas, with humans.If at all possible a cleric of Narbon should be a multi-classed Bard / Cleric.Clerics of Narbon are always chaotic, but may be good or neutral.

Allowed weapons: Clerics of Narbon may use only blunt weapons.

Recommended NWP: Musical Instrument, Singing, Artistic Ability, Sculpting, Painting and Dancing are all appropriate proficiencies for a priest of Narbon.

Clerics of Narbon have major spell access to the following spheres: Charm, Creation, Travellers, Thought.

They have minor spell access to the following spheres: Chaos, Numbers, Summoning, Weather.

Additional Granted Powers: The following powers are in addition to the standard spells and abilities of a cleric.

A cleric of Narbon gains +2 to any of the recommended proficiencies he takes from the list above.

Clerics of Narbon receive +1 to save against charm-based spells and are allowed a new save every day regardless of their stats.

At 1st level a cleric of Narbon can cast the wizard spell Audible Glamour once per day.

At 2nd level a cleric of Narbon can cast the wizard spell Tongues once per day.

At 3rd level a cleric of Narbon can cast the wizard spell Comprehend Languages once per day.

At 7th level a cleric of Narbon can cast the wizard spell Identify once per day.

At 9th level a cleric of Narbon gains a further +2 to the above proficiencies.

At 13th level a cleric of Narbon can cast Legend Lore once per month.

At 17th level a cleric of Narbon becomes immune to all charm-based spells.

Holy Symbol: The holy symbol of Narbon is any item the cleric uses to create art Ė a paintbrush, chisel, lute or even their own throat are acceptable.

Turning Ability: Clerics of Narbon cannot turn undead.

Role-playing Notes: Clerics of Narbon are more like bards than anything else.They love to sing and dance and create.They are alive with a creative energy that overflows into everything they do.A cleric of Narbon would not be content with stopping a villain raiding a town, oh no, they would have to stop him poetically.No good dead would be worth doing unless there could be a song written about it and the cleric would have no hesitation in singing it.Clerics of Narbon often seem very boastful to non-artisans, but they simply do not realise that their creativity does not exist in everyone.Clerics of Narbon dress gaudily, with the harlequin costume being preferred.Prolonged exposure to a drab or dreary environment will depress a Cleric of Narbon deeply and they may even try to brighten up prison cells or dungeons with paint and extravagant fabrics if they have them at hand and are able.Narbonís clerics have their heads in the clouds and their feet not far below.


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