T’Shazz The Battlemage

Name: T’Shazz The Battlemage
Real Name: Tarienne Shazz
Race: Human
Class: Dual, Fighter 1st / Necromancer 2nd

Level: 7 / 15
Deity: Mighty Bo
Alignment: Neutral Good
Family: Henry Shazz, father, tailor & Guinne Shazz, mother, seamstress (both deceased) & Nordress Shazz (a.k.a. The Talon), sister, lich.

STR: 15
DEX: 14
CON: 13
INT: 18
WIS: 19
CHR: 15


AC: 6

THAC0: 14 (11 with Ist & 13 with Staff +1)

HP: 62

Movement: 12

Special Attacks: Attacks 7/2 (Ist 4/2 & Staff +1 3/2), spells.

Special Defence: Magical items, spells.                          

Saving Throws: P/P: 10, DM: 7, R/S/W: 7, P/P: 9, BW:11, S: 8

Size: M (5’8”)

WP: Long sword (specialist), quarterstaff, dagger, elbow spike, knee spike, net, light crossbow, spear.

NWP: Reading/Writing 19 (common, dwarf); Blind Fighting 16; Weaponsmithing 15; Herbalism 16; Cryptography 18; Etiquette 15; Heraldry 18; Modern Languages 18 (dwarf); Riding, Land 22; Heal 17; Spellcraft 19; Throwing 14.

Spells: 9, 9, 8, 8, 7, 4, 3 (includes bonus spells for high intelligence, necromancy specialization and The Circlet of Nierron Tein).

Equipment: Breastplate of the Guardians, Ist, The Circlet of Nierron Tein, Staff +1, Kodra’s Charm of the Perpetual, Wraithstone, Wand of Animate Dead (23 Charges), Wand of Fire (37 Charges), Light Crossbow +1, 30 x Bolts of the Cryptcrawler and the Vanity Mirror.  At any given time she will have 2d6 random wizard scrolls and 1d3 potions.  If found in her lair she will have access to 3d6 potions, 3d6 additional scrolls, 4d10 magical crossbow bolts, 1d6 wands and 1d4 other magical items usable by a necromancer or a fighter.

Abilities: After years of experience in hand-to-hand combat, T’Shazz has developed a combat style unique to her.  She is able to wield her long sword Ist in one hand while wielding her quarterstaff +1 in the other, even though the quarterstaff is normally a two-handed weapon.  She makes 2 attacks per turn with her long sword, and makes 3 attacks every 2 turns with the quarterstaff.

Physical Appearance: T’Shazz is now well in advance of a hundred years old.  She is not a ravishing beauty, as she was rumoured to have been even into her forties, but by virtue of her skills in the art of necromancy she is still physically vital.  Her once dark hair is pure white, her body lined with a legacy of years and minor scars and few who look at her would suspect that she is still one of the most capable warriors in Alanthor.  She wears elaborately embroidered gowns, which in her youth she wore tightly fitted and skimpy but now prefers a little more loose and warm.  When attending to business within the city of Capitol she prefers white, while on the road she adopts a more pragmatic mix of browns.

Personality: T’Shazz is a necromancer and a warrior who has seen almost ninety years of field experience – an amount unprecedented for a human.  Despite having been steeped in blood of her enemies she retains a very positive outlook on life.  She is good humoured and warm, though since she has begun to realise that her life is much nearer its end than its beginning she has become much less willing to engage in small talk or suffer those she considers foolish.  Her bearing commands authority and her tone of voice can change from convivial to harsh in an instant.

Background: T’Shazz was born Tarienne Shazz, the elder daughter of a tailor in the capital of the kingdom of Boune.  T’Shazz left home when she was only 17, joining one of the many mercenary armies for which Boune is notorious.  She enjoyed a three year tour of duty during which time she distinguished herself on numerous occasions and earned the rank of Captain.  Upon returning home she discovered that her sister had been accepted for admission into the Palaces of Magic in Capitol and having a certain protective instinct for her sister she went with her, at first working as a guard in the city and later earning her own place as a student at the famous seat of magical learning.

So began what has become one of the most enduring of human feuds.  For Nordress had always been jealous of her sister’s success in the army and sought to outdo her with magical pursuits, but when Tarienne earned her wizard title first, choosing the contraction T’Shazz, Nordress was mad with rage.  Nordress attacked T’Shazz with the intent of killing her, but was no match for her older sister.  T’Shazz tried desperately to avoid killing the girl who was by then her only living relative, their parents having died some months previously, but she misjudged her sister’s power and snuffed-out her life entirely by accident.

T’Shazz mourned her sister for a long time, but eventually moved on with her life, becoming an adventurer and hero of great acclaim, a champion of good and a defender of the weak.  But she had not seen the last of her sister.  Fuelled by rage and sponsored by certain dark powers whom T’Shazz had angered, Nordress returned from death as a Lich.  T’Shazz, helped by her companions including the now playwright P. G. Maguffin, was forced to again destroy Nordress’s physical form and her demonic sponsor with her, but her soul was sustained intact beyond death by her hate.

Nordress eventually found a new body and has been working tirelessly towards the destruction of her sister ever since.  From her base, probably located in one of the many lost cities of the dead in Alanthor’s central desert, her night-time raids using undead minions have earned her The Talon as a nom de guerre.  While Nordress has embraced undeath, T’Shazz has been striving to ford it off; aware that should she die, her mad sister’s powers over death would surely place her eternal soul in grave peril.


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