Champions & Villains Of Saas

Saas is a world of epic adventure and epic adventurers who strive for right and good, for balance and wealth, for power and glory.  Heroes are commonplace on Saas and each season bring a new champion or villain, but the greats live on in legend forever – and the really great ones don’t even need legends to live forever.  Below are some of the most talked-of living characters in Saas; the great, the good and the truly despicable.

Agata the Black : Witch Queen of Saas

Arianne von Morden : The Lady of Mensh

Kurt von Morden : Prince of Mensh

P. G. Maguffin : Bard & Master Playwright

“Hideous” Ron Blakely : Monstrous Master Thief

T’Shazz : Venerable Battlemage

The Talon : Vengeful Lich & Undead Queen


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