Name: Burton the Unbearded
Real Name: Burton Tagog Dhevlik Burruk Tagog Hevlon
Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric
Deities: Gor, Elemental God of Earth and head of the Dwarven Pantheon
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Parents: Father: Tagog Dhevlik Burruk Tagog Hevlon Burton, dwarf miner & Mother: Anstruthar Ruby Kaleem Boaraxe Ruby Ruby, dwarf miner.

STR: 19
DEX: 10
CON: 20
INT: 12
WIS: 20
CHR: 8

Burton is short even by the standards of dwarves, coming it at only three and a half feet high.He is heavy set and almost as wide as he is tall, but it would be a mistake to think he was fat, like most dwarves his tubby appearance disguises a mountain of sinew and gristle and Burton could, if he wished, crush a man in each of his large hands.He wears a short beard after is magnificent bushel was burnt in an explosion of methane gas while he was fighting a sewer beholder.

Personality: As a cleric of Gor Burton has certain observances which must be met, but typically he is very good humoured.The dwarf whiles away the hours with a good pipe and tells stories so tall that should anyone but a dwarf tell them they would be unbelievable.However, as is the dwarven way he does not stand for sleights against his people and he will not stand for woolly thinking, which he sees a lot of in a party composed mostly of elves.

Background: Burton grew up in his familyís iron mine near Caer Huzdan.Burtonís immediate (by dwarf standards) family numbers around eighty dwarves of fighting age, of which his great, great uncle is the most senior.Burton is one of only three members of the living family to join the church, all serving Gor, but his line has an impressive history of religious service including Burtonís great, great, great, great grandfather who was Archbishop of Caer Huzdan and a Stone Cardinal.Several of Burtonís ancestors fought at Umbdree Dal Huzbar which scoured many goblin tribes and allowed the founding of Caer Huzdan, which was for two hundred years the largest iron producer in the world, but which is now about the fourth.

Weapon proficiencies: Warhammer, Club.

Equipment: Basic.

Combat: Burton has a wicked right hook, which is even more effective when itís holding his twenty pound iron warhammer.Burton is a fearless warrior who meets his enemies with a blow to the shin and a head-butt to the groin.


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