Name: Vitaloe Jondefa
Race: Half elf
Class: Mage / Thief
Deity: Sune
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Parents: Father, unknown elf & Mother, human barmaid

STR: 12
DEX: 17
CON: 14
INT: 17
WIS: 11
CHR: 16

A thin-waisted, yet curvaceous girl with long black hair flowing down her back and tiny curls hanging near her temples. She has soft, creamy skin with light freckles across the bridge of her nose and high cheekbones. Bright blue eyes are set in an extremely lovely face and leaf tattoos circle both her wrists.

Personality: Energetic, rarely sits down. She is seductive and flirty at one moment, but sweet and gentle the next. She seems confused within herself, as though she doesn't know her true self. She has a thirst for knowledge, she reads anything she can get her hands onto. Highly emotional.

Background: As the result of an unexpected pregnancy, Vitaloe grew up the daughter of a serving wench in the small rooms above a tavern never knowing who her true father was or even what race of elf she came from. But the fact that she was a elfen half child was obvious from day one in more than just her physical appearance. Vitaloe is an energetic, enthusiastic girl, always laughing and dancing and playing, when not being forced to work at the tavern.

Vitaole grew up with a habit of sleeping late into the morning, getting up to help serve ale and stew in the small tavern and spending her nights wandering the dark streets of the small coastal village she called home in order to leave her rooms open for her mother to ply her trade. Late one night, on one of her normal midnight wanderings, at the age of 8 years old, Vitaloe came across a bent old man walking with a stick. He seemed to be watching her closely, and the young half-elf approached him with no fear. She soon discovered that Gryfwen had been watching her for the 8 years of her life, almost protective of her. He never said why, but she always suspected it was because he was somehow related to her through her unknown elven father.

Vitaloe was full of energy and mischief and the old man took the lovely child under his wing and began tutoring her in private at night. Vitaloe soon learned the man was a wizard, wise & powerful skilled in the art of fighting. He taught her reading, writing, spell casting and fighting. Vitaloe was an eager student, though a bit flighty, Gryfwen's greatest challenge was getting her to sit still for 5 minutes at a time and yet he seemed delighted with her. Vitaloe continued to work by day serving drink and meal at the tavern with her mother, helping to pay her keep for the room and food they shared, and at night she continued to study at Gryfwen's feet. Vitaole's reward for doing her studies properly, was to have old Gryfwen read to her by firelight, stories of love and heroism and beauty.

She began to long for such things and became more disheartened at her lot in life. As Vitaloe matured into a beautiful, seductive woman her mother urged her into being more than just a serving wench. But Vitaloe hated the idea and resisted with the support of Gryfwen. Still, the lovely girl learned the art of flirting, taunting and teasing the male patrons in an effort to purchase more ale and lay down more coin. With the support of the old wizard, Vitaloe was able to hold off that last bit of pressure and resisted becoming a paid whore, an idea she loathed. But one night, when Vitaloe was 19 yrs old, she went to the old man's rough cottage for tutoring as was her way, only to find the home empty of all clothes, bedding, books and such, save one single leather bound book, the walking staff, a jewelled dagger and a scrolled parchment laying on the table tied with a ribbon on which her name was inscribed. With no more explanation as to how he came to be in her life, Gryfwen was apparently gone from it. The scroll simply told her that his time with her had ended, that she had learned all he could teach her, that from now on the learning was up to her.

She cried, mourning the loss of her friend from her life and tucked the items inside her cloak and returned to her room at the tavern. After a while of continues urging and cajoling by her mother and the tavern owner, and no longer having the support of her friend, Vitaloe's reserve gave in. She became more than just a serving wench, hating every minute of it and despising her life. After about a year and a half of this existence, one night Vitaloe had a dream, Gryfwen came to her. He wept and told her he was sorry for her lot, that she was meant for so much more. The next morning when she awoke, the book of love from which he
read laid on her pillow beside her. She clutched at it, gathered up her courage and her few personal items and ran away into the night to find her destiny.

Life on her own was difficult and Vitaloe soon discovered that she would have to work or steal to survive. She only knew one line of work and the idea of that sickened her, yet she had no choice. One night, when her funds were beyond what she could bear, she agreed to one night with a man who was known as an official of town. When the man awoke the next morning, he discovered she had robbed him. The man sent out search parties and Vitaloe was found, as punishment she was sent to the auction block as a slave to pay for her crime.

A tall, muscular woman arrived at the auction just as Vitaloe was lead onto the stage. She fell in love instantly and purchased Vitaloe to work on her ship, the Mermaid's Dream as Capt Seria's personal assistant. Vitaloe was content enough, but she was not happy. She knew her destiny lay beyond this life and she longed to find it still. Searching... waiting... hoping for the dream beyond all dreams. True Love.

One night, while tending to a male passenger upon the ship, Vitaloe stole the mage's spell book. When she was discovered, the man decided to punish her, banishing her to a cavern where he was sure she would perish, however, she met up with a band of adventurers that would change her life: Aldaron, Elise, Faustus, Mimric and Thaisalath and later on in the campaign Liasath. Helping them on their journey, they agreed to take her with them on a journey of a lifetime.

Weapon proficiencies: Dagger, staff and short bow.

Equipment: Crystal Ball, Ring of Telekinesis, Thieves Picks, Quarterstaff +3 and Leather Armour +1.

Combat: Stay as far from hand to hand combat as possible, use the magical knowledge to aid her companions, but if needed, the rare backstab is used against her enemies.

Use her skills of astrology, palm reading and crystal ball to help the party as she is able.

Use her spell of Invisibility to help the party with information gathering.


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