Name: Gwal
Real Name: Gwalchmai Malcot
Race: Half elf
Class: Mage / Thief
Deities: All of them (Gwal believes in hedging his bets)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Parents: Father was a human restaurateur & Mother was an elven alchemist and magician

STR: 12
DEX: 17
CON: 15
INT: 14
WIS: 9
CHR: 14

Tall even by elven standards, Gwal is slender to the point of being skinny.  His black hair is short and straight.  His eyes grey.  He looks a bit like Kevin spacey with pointed ears.

Personality: Gwal wants to live for ever or die trying. Gwal avoids getting hurt or anything that might be painful.  Gwal does want to be rich, but doesn't want to do any work. so he favours get rich quick schemes, which usually don't work.  Gwal is very lazy, and won't volunteer for anything, unless there's money involved.

Background: Gwal childhood was dominated by watching his father toady up to customers, and a life full of work without reward.  All of which produced a dislike for work and a desire for riches. And upon the death of his father Gwal sold the restaurant and gambled away the money.

Weapon proficiencies: Dagger, staff and short bow.

Equipment: Ring of mammal control, ring of telekinesis, staff of thunder & lightning, bracers of defence a short bow some farmers just gave Gwal for no reason, and a striped pony.

Combat: Gwal much prefers running away, or even talking, to hitting anything.  If he has to fight, then being as far away from whatever he is fighting is best.


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