Name: Tamara
Real Name: Tamara Westington

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral Good
Parents: Father, Owen Westington & Mother, Mella Westington, both deceased

STR: 18/28
DEX: 15
CON: 16
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHR: 12

Tall for a human and taller still for a woman, Tamara stands at 6í3Ē. She has wavy red hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her demeanour is not that of a womanís either. She walks and acts a bit more like a man, having been raised by her father as if she were a son.

Personality: Tamara is as simple as most people would expect of a rancherís daughter. There are a few times when she can by amazingly bright. She loves to work out puzzles and does her best to solve them. There are other time where she can be pretty dense, as is evidenced by the fact that her childhood friend practically proposed to her and she didnít realise it. She is incredibly curious about the world around her and is always striving to learn more. She is very fond of Legends and will gladly listen to any she has never heard before.

Background: Second-born of 4 children, Tamara was more of a son to her father than a daughter. She loved to go fishing with him, to help him with the horses, and she never backed down from a fight.

Her history is a relatively dull one. She worked on her father's farm and fended off her mother's attempts at marrying her off. She protected her sisters and little brother.

Rudd was father's pride and joy, and Tamara was happy that he had a true son to teach all he knew too. Tamara was happy with her life but she felt that there was something more for her. She would go into town and listen to the mercenaries and adventures, dreaming of her own someday. Little did she know her dream would come true.

Around her 25th birthday, the annual orc raid came a little early, so the family gathered up the horses and brought them to town. They sold a few while they were there and Tamara's father gave her a gift, much to her mother's chagrin. A suit of armour and an axe, perfect for adventuring. Tamara was delighted and asked if she could stay behind and celebrate. Father agreed.

The next day found her in the Rousing Cheers quickly becoming drunk with ale and fun. When she left that night, she stumbled down an alley and was knocked out. When she came to, she realised she was in trouble and waited helplessly, as another of Rictus' victims.

She was rescued by her current companions and quickly befriended them. She seemed unfazed by the events that transpired after her rescue until she saw her baby brother shackled to a wall and tortured. Then a rage seemed to have enveloped her, showing any who witnessed where her true emotions lie.

Exploring Rackingham keep was a grand first adventure wrought with peril and treasure. They found a sword there that she seems to think belongs to a legendary hero. She is determined to learn the use of this sword, the Flamberge. The return home was not what she expected though.

Upon returning from Rackingham, she found her family home burnt to the ground, her family killed, all but her mother. Her motherís dying words told her of her infidelity with a traveller and the fact that Rudd was the product. Her mother blamed Rudd for the destruction around her, but Tamara wouldnít believe it. She learned that Rudd was headed to find his father and she vowed to find her brother and the man that caused her pain.

She will soon leave the town of her birth, not realising that there is still one person there who loves her with all his heart. She promised to return once she found her brother and revenged her family, but who knows how long that will takeÖ.

Weapon proficiencies: Battle Axe (specialist), Lasso, Dagger, Two handed weapon fighting style (specialist).

Equipment: Chain Mail +1, Battle Axe +1, Cloak of Weathering, Horsemanís Pick +1.

Combat: Her first thought is to protect her comrades, especially the smaller ones, which in her case would be most of them. Currently the band she is travelling with has a young elven girl, travelling with her mother. Her mother can certain handle herself, but Tamara has taken upon herself to be the girlís guardian during battle. She will first make sure Sarai is out of harmís reach and then wade in full bore to deal as much damage as she can.

If the enemy tries to run, she will pull out her lariat and lasso them as if they were a prized steed about to run off.


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