Brenna Chapley

Class: Fighter

Race: Human (Dalelands)

Level: 4

Deity: Chauntea

Alignment: True Neutral

Age: 16


Father: "Papa Chapley", woodcutter
Mother: "Mama Chapley", washerwoman
Eldest brother: Brannen Chapley, woodcutter
Second brother: Brallen Chapley, woodcutter
Third Brother: Bracken Chapley, warrior


STR: 12

DEX: 15

CON: 12

WIS: 15

INT: 12

CHA: 15


Brenna Chapley stood about 55 tall with auburn hair pulled into a bun, and hazel eyes. She was petite, but had a stubborn-looking jaw. Far prettier than her brother Bracken, but temper every bit as fiery.

Brenna was a typical teenage village girl who had been thrust into the life of a druid. From young, she helped supplement the family income by helping out at a farm, milking cows and churning butter, and tossing hay. She caught the eye of a passing nature priest of Chauntea who had passed by the farm she helped out at, and the druid proposed to her family to allow the girl to undertake training.

Thus the girl was inducted into the conclave, allowed to visit her family regularly. She learned how to speak proper Common, though she was known to lapse into peasant dialect when lulled into complacency or spurred to strong emotion.

Like the rest of her family, she had a very no-nonsense attitude towards life, also known as the Chapley Attitude. "Do yer job, keep yer nose clean, and don't ye take no crap from nobody."

However, in many other respects, Brenna was like any other teenage girl. She snuck into taverns and bars without the knowledge of her mother, to try forbidden fruit like ale and clandestine meetings with village lads. She worried about her armour making her look fat. She beamed and blushed like any maiden when complimented on her cooking.

Combat tactics:

Brenna was never in enough battles to actually work out standard tactics. She usually let loose with darts or with an appropriate spell, and that would be her main contribution to the fight.

Weapons proficiencies: Dart, club

Equipment of note: Wood armour, leather helmet, medium wood shield, 15 darts and club.


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