Morgana Ravensblade

Real Name: Morgana Ravensblade
Nicknames: Lady of Lavender or Tigress
Race: Half elf
Class: Fighter 4 / Mage 4
Alignment: Neutral Good
Parents: Father, human called Mog, a mercenary for hire & Mother, grey elf called Nabi, a mage-priestess

STR: 16
DEX: 15
CON: 15
INT: 17
WIS: 13
CHR: 12

This half-elf female stands 5'3" with a slender build of only 103 lbs. She appears delicate to some, but those of the fighting class would note her toned muscles and fierce stance. Her raven-black hair falls softly down her back in gentle curls and a single purple streak runs down the middle of the back of her hair. Her eyes are green and piercing, seeming to take in all that is going on around her. Her face is a creamy colour, soft and lovely to look upon. She usually wears her hair brushed back in soft curls, or sometimes tied up on top in a loose knot.

Personality: Morgana is emotional, impulsive and headstrong. She spoke her mind at every turn, upon meeting Oakbow she threatened to gut him from crotch to neck for the simple fact that he dared to sneak up on her from behind. She also had no qualms about pointing out to him when she thought he was being headstrong and foolish, such as jumping into a well. One time with a female member of the party, Morgana turned on her, lashing out with her venomous tongue and threatening to kill her for some whispered affront to her character. The males in the party nearly had to pull the two women apart.

Morgana was ever in search of her elusive father, a point in her life that was never resolved.

At the same time, Morgana loved to laugh, she loved to drink and she loved to play. While protective of the other members in her group, they all seemed to gather around her as a family member, protecting her as well. Morgana was open, honest and forthright.

She also like to tease her victims, taunting them during a fight, or leaving a note of satisfied pleasure on the dead bodies of their fallen comrades, pointing out the fact that she had killed them.

Above all, and possibly what she is most known for, is her love of lavender. Whenever Morgana was frightened, upset, jealous or angry she would munch on the lavender petals and leaves she loved to carry with her. Thus gaining her the affectionate nickname Lady of Lavender.

Background: Morgana's father was a fighter and adventurer. As a young man he travelled in search of wealth and land, often selling his skills as needed for short periods of time. On one such adventure he met a delicate looking grey elf noblewoman by the name of Nabi. They fell in love instantly, but their love was spurned by Nabi's family and Mog was looked upon as a lesser being, not worthy of Nabi. So the two disappeared in the night together to start a family. Mog took Nabi to his small piece of property in the woods, shortly after they settled down together in the modest thatched cottage Nabi became pregnant. The pregnancy was very hard on Nabi and she became quite ill. When Morgana was born it nearly killed the delicate elf and though she gained some strength back, she never fully recovered. Being a skilled mage, she cast a spell to make herself sterile, thus insuring she would never give birth again which would surely mean her death.

Mog settled the family nicely into their little home, trying desperately to be happy as a farmer. He did his best to be a content man, spending his days working the land and training his daughter Morgana in the ways of fighting, but in his heart he longed for travel and adventure. Morgana was an apt student to both her father's fighting skills and her mother's magic, but she saw the tension brought into the family by her father's restlessness.

Though Mog loved Nabi and Morgana, he would sometimes leave for a day or two, and occasionally he would take them with him. But a combination of Nabi's poor health and the prejudices against them caused him to begin leaving them at home. As time went on Mog's travels kept him away for longer and longer stretches of time, adding to Nabi's concern and poor health. On one such occasion Nabi succumbed to her illness and died, leaving Morgana alone to bury her mother. Filled with rage for her beloved but missing father, Morgana dug up the bag of hidden money beneath the floor of the cabin, packed all she can think of into a leather pack, gathered her weapons and steed and set off in search of her father to tell him the news of his wife. It is not long before the wizard, Maskyr searches her out along with several others to complete a quest to help him save the realms.

On this mission Morgana met a ranger; a Wood Elf named Gariannor Oakbow. In the beginning, the two seemed to be at each others’ throats. Morgana thinking Oakbow too uptight, Oakbow surely thinking Morgana too impulsive. But soon, the adventure would draw the two together in ways they never would have imagined. Morgana's near death experience at the hand of a Yeti proved to the couple just how much they needed each other, now they have promised to be united forever.

Turning Points: Two things happened to Morgana that changed her attitude about life during the game. One was when she lost a fellow party member, Xenos, as a result of her rushing into a treasure room. She never forgave herself fully for that. The second was the time she killed a guard by accident, using too much force in trying to gain the information she requested; she choked the life out of him before she even realized what she had done. Oakbow was Morgana's lifeline to reality. Morgana was headstong, impulsive and fearless at times. Oakbow would help her to take a look from all sides, and pointing out small important things… like not reading her spell book while walking through an unknown woods, thus leaving herself vulnerable to attack.

Weapon proficiencies: Light crossbow, dagger, short sword, war hammer and whip.

Equipment: Her black warhorse, Raven, a bag of lavender petals, leaves and seeds, boots of the north, leather armour +2, shield +2, war hammer +3, dagger +2, short sword +1, ring of water walking and a bag of holding.

Combat: Morgana was impulsive in action and hard-headed in personality, often charging into a situation unthinking and a few times nearly got herself and her party members killed as a result. Morgana liked to take the battle head on, face to face. Oakbow nicknamed her Tigress as a result of her impatience, he thought of her at times like a chained or caged tigress, pacing her cage, waiting for a chance to attack. Though, there were a few times she was able to use her stealth and her grace to attack with precision and surprise.

Morgana most often used a combination of her weapons and her spells. Her preferred weapons where the war hammer and the crossbow, with a charm spell or a shocking grasp.

Very protective of her lover, Oakbow (the two are pictured together above), she would fight for him at all costs. One difference being that she didn't lose control if something happened to him, she had complete faith in his style, his expertise and his wisdom. Morgana once was nearly killed by a Yeti that crushed nearly every bone in her body by a massive bearhug. She was unconscious, laying in the snow while Oakbow vented his anger upon the beast that would dare to harm his love.


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