“Hideous” Ron Blakely

Name: “Hideous” Ron Blakely
Real Name: Ronald Blakely
Race: Half-Ogre
Class: Fighter / Thief

Kit: Thug

Level: 7 / 8
Deity: The Black God
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Family: Father, unknown ogre & Mother, unknown human.

STR: 19
DEX: 12
CON: 17
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHR: 1 (4 natural, -3 for Ring of the Sewer)


AC: 6 (Natural AC 8 & Cloak of Protection +2)

THAC0: 14 (7 with Flat Black Dagger, 10 with dagger, 13 with hurled dagger, 11 with broadsword)

HP: 67

Movement: 15

Thief Skills: HIS: 80% (95% with Ring of the Sewer), PP: 35%, OL: 30%, MS: 50%, RL: 20%, BS: x3

Special Attacks: Magical items

Special Defence: Magical items

Saving Throws: Poison: 5, P/DM: 8, R/S/W: 10, P/P: 9, BW:10, S: 11

Size: L (7’3”)

WP: Dagger (specialist), broad sword, two weapon fighting style

NWP: Reading/Writing 8 (common); Endurance 18; Survival 19 (sewers); Tracking 15; Appraising 15; Swimming 14; Blind Fighting 17; Set Snares 16.

Spells: None.

Equipment: Cloak of Protection +2, Bag of Holding, 4xDaggers +1, Broadsword +2, Ring of the Sewers, Rat Teeth Dagger, Flat Black Dagger, Cover of Darkness, Decanter of Endless Water and various minor items.

Physical Appearance: The half-ogre Ron Blakely didn’t earn the nickname “Hideous” for nothing.  Standing 7’3” tall, Ron is a man mountain whose enormous body is a hotchpotch of jutting bones, warts, deformities and scars.  A strong will is required not to gasp upon seeing Ron Blakely and few manage it, though all wish they had because after years of living in the sewers beneath the city of Capitol, Ron has developed a pungent and disgusting aroma that borders on the vomit-inducing.  His many blades are crusted with filth and blood.  And clothed in a patchwork of rags, the half-ogre Ron Blakely is a legend used to scare children into obedience by the affluent middle class of Capitol who would never guess, or believe, that the monster really roams unassailed in the secret ways beneath the streets as a master of cut-throats and thugs.

Personality: “Hideous” Ron Blakely is more than just a nightmare, he is the darkest thoughts of men given form.  Ron is a greedy, murderous and savage thug driven by his deep rooted hatred of mankind.  Ron’s thieving and extortion seem pointless for the riches he accumulates through his network of scum bring him no joy and living in the sewer he would seem to have no need for wealth.  Ron Blakely lives only to inflict pain on others and only this brings a momentary relief from his own internal agonies.  Numberless are the hapless drunkards who have met with Ron’s blades in the dark alleys of the Capitol dockside, countless are the whores whose lives have been ended with the closing of Ron’s broad fist around their throats and unspeakable are piles of murdered children that litter Ron’s lair serving only as his memory of their final tortured screams.  In all the world of Saas no living thing takes more pleasure in the death of mankind than Ronald Blakely.

Background: Ron himself knows nothing certain of his beginnings, but he has guessed much of the truth.  Ron’s mother was little more than a girl when the caravan she was travelling in was captured and she fell under the tender mercies of a group of mercenary ogres.  How long she was kept by them and what horrors she must have endured are unknowable, but when she escaped or was released she was irreconcilably heavy with child.  She made her way in time to the great city of Capitol, seat of the Emperors of Alanthor for centuries.  There, in whatever room she could beg or purchase, she died in the effort of giving birth to the deformed bastard child of ogre blood.  Whoever found her and the abomination acted out of disgust and fear: unable to bear the child, yet unable to kill it directly, they threw it into the sewer.  And so the story of Ron Blakely should have ended before it began, but he survived, because ogre children are self-reliant from birth, and grew in strength and malice.

He stayed hidden in the sewer, feeding on rats and worse, for years until one night, driven by a curiosity, he wandered into the night streets.  Watching from the shadows the half-ogre saw one man kill another and take his purse – that man was the original Ronald Blakely, a thief of few morals and some renown in certain circles.  The ogre was enchanted by what he saw and realised he had found an outlet for his frustrations and his hatred of the race which has thrown him into the rivers of effluent as a child.  Murder and theft were to be his role, evil was to be his master.

For many weeks the ogre followed Ronald Blakely in secret, learning everything about him, then killing him and taking everything that was his.  One by one the new Ron Blakely disposed of his superiors in his thieves guild and rose through the ranks without ever appearing before his new subordinates.  When Ron was declared master thief of the guild he emerged to the horror of the other thieves, but they had seen better than they were struck down by “Hideous” Ron and were without a leader to direct resistance against him.

Since that time Ron has carried out his actions unopposed with a guild of terrified thieves to do his bidding.  Many magical items have passed into his misshaped hands – it is rumoured that somewhere in the sewer that Ron calls home his as yet undiscovered lair is a treasure trove and a mage’s arsenal – but his favourit weapon is the one he made himself, the ghastly Rat Teeth Dagger which he uses to disfigure and torture his victims before eventually killing them.


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