Agata the Black

Name: The Witch Queen
Real Name: Agata
Race: Human
Class: Druid

Level: 20
Deity: None
Alignment: True Neutral
Family: The Coven of the Black Moon.

STR: 21
DEX: 22
CON: 24
INT: 19
WIS: 21
CHR: 19


AC: -3

THAC0: 4 (0 with the Dragon Horn Blade)

HP: 109

Movement: 18

Special Attacks: Druid powers, spells.

Special Defence: Druid powers, spells.                         

Saving Throws: P/DM: 2, Poison: immune, R/S/W: 6, P/P: 5, BW: 8, S: 7

Size: M (5’3”)

WP: Quarterstaff, dagger, sickle, scimitar, dart, club, spear.

NWP: Herbalism 20; Religion 21; Spellcraft 20; Heal 20; Local History 19; Weather Knowledge 20; Swimming 21; Cooking 19; Brewing 19.

Spells: 11, 11, 11, 10, 9, 8, 8 (includes bonus spells for high wisdom and the Ring of the Elder Witch) plus 2 Quest level spells.

Equipment: Dragon Horn Blade, Witchbone Armour, Grand Broom of Flying and the Ring of the Elder Witch.  Agata also has enchanted varieties of every weapon she has a proficiency for (she will have 1d3+1 with her at any one time) and an extensive collection of potions (she will have 3d3 with her at any one time and can access 20d10 within an hour or so).  Other magical items she is known to employ are a Cloak of Arachnida, an Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location, a pair of Boots of Striding and Springing, a Bag of Bones (rechargeable) and a Bag of Holding.

Abilities: Agata is a level 20 druid and has all the standard powers of hierophant druid.  In addition to these, as one of the witches of Saas she has full access to the sphere of necromancy and to all the spells in the wizard schools of enchantment and necromancy.  Level 8 and 9 wizard spells she may cast as level 7 priest spells.

Physical Appearance: Agata appears to be an ancient peasant crone.  Her body is hunched with age and her face bears the years heavily.  She wears the armour she made from the bones of her own mother, a previous elder witch and reeks of the swamp and of death.  But her appearance is entirely deceptive, because the rigours of age have not taken their toll on her, she is as strong as a giant and as tough as iron but moves with lightning speed.  Of course, as a druid she does not always display this appearance and often seems to be a beautiful young woman or even an animal and it is impossible to determine whether any of these are her true form.

Personality: Agata is highly variable.  The problem with meeting Agata is that she is never encountered by accident, she has always proven able to dictate the terms of any meeting.  So anyone who meets the Witch Queen has already come to her attention and she has already formed an opinion of them.  As the years pass and her powers continue to grow, making her even more unassailable, the Witch Queen becomes slightly more playful.  She weaves the fates of mortal creatures for nothing more than her own amusement and has been behind the triumphs and failures of many heroes, though they would never suspect it.

Background: Agata’s origins are shrouded in mystery, but the few things which can be said certainly about her are gruesome and fascinating.  She was born somewhere between three hundred and six hundred years ago, but did not come to prominence until two hundred and fifty years ago when she engaged in a battle to the death with the previous Witch Queen, her mother.  Agata won and acquired the powers and abilities of a Witch Queen.

The ages old coven of witches, whose origins may predate the First Empire, had remained a shadowy and near-mythical assembly until Agata’s reign.  With the ruthlessness for which she became famous, she killed all the other members of her coven and spawned a dozen daughters to take their place.  The Witchwar engulfed all of the south-east of the continent of Alanthor and thousands of warriors, warlords and princes became pawns in a deadly game in which no innocent would be spared involvement.

The outcome of the Witchwar was inevitable.  Agata had already become a paragon of druidic power; her muscles surged with the strength of dragons and her actions were as sift as snakebites.  How she acquired the powers she possesses is unknown, because no previous Witch Queen ever displayed such capabilities.  The mystery of what she became may be linked closely with the mystery of when she was born – and who or what her father was.

About ten years ago the Witch Queen relinquished her position as leader of the coven and keeper of the World Cauldron, allowing her eldest daughter to take over as the coven leader.  Since then she dedicated a large amount of her time to the schooling of her grandchild Darr von Morden.  The Witch Queen has taken enormous pride in her prodigy, whom she has indoctrinated as the first male member of her coven.  Who can guess what she plans for the young Lord of Mensh, or what he plans for her?


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