T’Shazz’s Wall of Wailing

Level: 2

School: Necromancy / Conjuration / Illusion

Range: 30 yds.

Duration: 1d4 rounds +1 round per level

Area of Effect: 10’ wide, 10’ high wall +5’ to length and height per level

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 4

Saving Throw: None

Description: T’Shazz felt that she was always being pursued by the most absurd of creatures; rats, wild dogs, small children and everything else that it was quite beneath a mage of her stature to deal with.  She developed this spell more as a guard against annoyance than a useful spell, but several times in her long adventuring life she found it to be invaluable.

Casting this spell brings into existence a wall of shrieking and wailing spirits (or the illusion of such spirits depending on the school of the caster) which creatures will be loath to cross.  Creatures with a morale rating of 8 or below will not cross the wall, but will wait until the spell ends.  Creatures with a morale rating of 4 or less, or with an intelligence of 3 or less will flee upon sight of the wall and will continue to flee until they pass a morale check.  If a creature which would not willingly pass through the wall is forced through it must pass a system shock test or spend the next hour in fits of fearful shaking, unable to perform any action.  Even if the test is passed then the effected creature will be at –2 to hit for the next hour and will fail any dexterity test it is required to take.

 (This spell was developed for the world of Saas)

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