T’Shazz’s Wyrmbane

Level: 7

School: Necromancy

Range: 300 yds.

Duration: Instantaneous

Area of Effect: 1 dragon of any age

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: 1 round

Saving Throw: None

Description: This spell is the culmination of T’Shazz’s work in the field of dragon slaying.  This potent necromancy is capable of sorely wounding even the mightiest of the flying lizards.  Merely developing this spell is said to have earned T’Shazz the ire of the whole dragon race.

Casting this spell causes 30 points of damage against any dragon.  No spell protection or resistance is effective against this damage.

The spell requires is different from the previous spells in this line in that it is only effective when the material component used is fresh dragon blood from the individual to be affected by the spell.  But if this spell is used in close combat with the caster touching the intended victim (no need to roll to hit) then no material component is required.  Of course if the dragon knows this spell is being cast it will certainly turn on the caster immediately and as a result the close quarters casting of this spell is rare.

(This spell was developed for the world of Saas)

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