T’Shazz’s Spheres of Various Effects

Level: 4

School: Invocation / Conjuration

Range: 20 yds.

Duration: Instantaneous

Area of Effect: 1 to 6 targets

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 3

Saving Throw: None

Description: When faced with multiple opponents, or with a single creature with unknown resistances, T’Shazz often employed this spell.  When cast, six spheres of different colour appear around the caster and strike out at as many as six different targets all of whom must be within 20 yards of the caster.  Each sphere has a different magical property and all do 1d4+1 damage with a save vs. the relevant property for half damage.  Additionally, if all the spheres are directed at the same target then that creature’s eyes (or similar sized area on any creature without eyes) will flash the colour of any property it has a partial resistance to.  The flash is quite bright and can be seen from some distance away.  In the event of multiple resistances the flashes will appear in order from darkest to lightest (black, purple, blue, green, red, yellow).

Colour             Damage Type

Red                  Fire

Blue                 Cold

Green               Acid

Purple              Magic

Yellow             Poison

Black               Death (save vs. death magic for half)

(This spell was developed for the world of Saas)

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