Transformation of Lightning

Level: 7

School: Alteration, Elemental: Air

Range: Self

Duration: 1 round per caster level

Area of Effect: Self

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: 6

Saving Throw: N/A

Description: The transformation of lightning summons forth raw elemental energy and transforms the caster from a physical creature into a divine being with lightning running through their veins instead of blood.  When cast the transformation of lightning alters the casters appearance radically; their hair turns pure white, as does their skin and eyes.  Electricity crawls across the surface of their body, arcing into nearby surfaces and igniting nearby flammable materials.  Those who see the caster in this state must save vs spell or flee in abject terror for a number of rounds equal to the level of the wizard.  Those who fail their save and are forced to fight do so at –2 to hit and –2 to saves.

While the spell lasts the caster may fly at rate of 36’ at class A.  While the spell is in effect the caster is immune to all damage caused by electricity, acid, poison, gas, fire and cold, and they cannot be struck by weapons of less than +2 enchantment.  All spells from the school of Elemental: Air cast while the transformation is in effect have maximum effect, for example a lightning bolt cast by a level 10 wizard will inflict 60 hit points of damage (save for 30).

The transformation grants the caster a special attack, if the caster forgoes any spell casting or other physical attack they may expel a bolt of lightning from their person.  This blast automatically hits and causes 2d6 damage, any items stuck by this force (doors, walls, trees, shields, swords, tables, etc.) must make an item saving throw with a –2 modifier.

Casting this spell requires a single flawless diamond worth at least 1000gp, which transforms into worthless carbon powder upon completion of the spell.  In addition, casting this spell is so physically taxing that it ages the caster one full year.  The aging can be removed if the caster consumes the carbon powder mixed with the warm blood of a young calf by a phoenix feather in a wooden cup carved by the caster’s own hands from a tree struck by lightning.

(This spell was developed for the world of Saas)

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