Sewer Beholder

Climate/Terrain: Sewers (any urban)
Frequency: Very rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Intelligence: Average to very (8 - 12)
Treasure: None
Alignment: Neutral Evil
No. Appearing: 1
Armour Class: 4/6/8
Movement: Fl 3, Sw 6 (12)
Hit Dice: 8 (45hp)
THAC0: 13
No. of Attacks: 11
Damage/Attacks: 2-20, 10x1-6
Special Attacks: None
Special Defences: Anti-magic
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: M (4’ - 6')
Morale: Champion (15)
XP Value: 4000

The sewer beholder, sometimes referred to as either the albino beholder or the white death kiss is a beholder kin which has adapted or been adapted to life beneath the streets of the metropolises.  Its one large eye is completely blind from a lifetime in the sewer, while it’s eyestalks have been replaced by long tentacles like those of the death kiss, but with barbed pads at the end which it uses to pull itself through the excremental waters of its subterranean home.  Though this bulky creature’s body is naturally pale white, it’s living conditions mean that whenever encountered it is usually brown with filth.

Combat: The sewer beholder is capable of flattening its large spherical body to be able to completely submerge itself in only two feet of water, and it is from this submerged position that it will make its first attack.  The ten tentacles of a sewer beholder extend twenty feet before it and attack their prey, seeming to be independent serpents and each capable of attacking a different foe much like beholder eyes can.  Because of the conditions that sewer beholders live in, attacks from the barbs of these tentacles can cause virulent and fatal diseases, if struck by a beholder (roll once after the encounter regardless of the number of hits sustained) there is a 25% of contracting a non-magical disease which kills in 1 week and 25% chance of contracting a non-magical disease which will kill in 1 year and 25% chance of contracting a non-magical debilitating illness which will come into effect within 2d12 hours and reduce all stats by 3 for 2d6 days –1 day for every point of constitution over 14.  All such diseases can be cured by the priest spell cure disease or similar.  The beholder’s tentacles can detect heat and movement in the surrounding area of up to 100 feet and in their natural habitat they will often be found with tentacles draped in the intersection of a number of sewer pipes.

Each beholder tentacle has 10 hit point and an armour class of 8.  Destruction of a tentacle causes no damage to the beholder itself and destroyed tentacles re-grow at a rate of one per day.  If several of its tentacles are destroyed the body of the beholder will re-inflate to full size and the mouth will attack causing 2d10 damage per hit.  The massive toothy mouth of a sewer beholder is capable of removing an entire torso in one bite.  If using the critical hit rules then a 19 or a 20 hit from a sewer beholder’s mouth indicates that the victim has lost part of their body.  Roll a d20 and consult the following.

1-2: Leg, 3-17: Arm, 18-19: Head, 20: Torso, arms & head.

Shape-changing creatures may not be affected by loss of limbs or even heads, but will die if their torso is consumed.

The beholder’s body has 2 thirds of its hit points and an armour class of 4 while the remaining third is in its one blind central eye which has an armour class of 6.  Destroying the eye will not kill the beholder, or affect its ability to fight, but it will stop the anti-magic ray, as described below.

Special Powers: The beholder’s eye emits an anti-magic ray in a 180 degree angle to the front, no magic spells or magic items of less than artifact status will operate within the glare of that eye.  Destruction of the eye removes its anti-magic power.  A central eye will re-grow in 1 week, providing the beholder survives.

Treasure: The sewer beholder has no need for treasure and no lair to retain it in, but the central eye of a sewer beholder, if recovered intact (90% base hp), will sell for 1000gp and is useful in making several anti-magic items.

Habitat/Society: Sewer beholders spend their entire lives beneath the streets of the city the dwell in.  Of all the beholder-kin, the sewer beholder is the most despised by true beholders.  The proud beholder race does not acknowledge the existence of sewer beholders and will destroy these abominations at the first opportunity.

Ecology: The origin of the beholder species itself is questionable; their roots cannot be definitely traced to any plane or world, but they are known to exist in one form or another throughout most of the multiverse.  Though it has been postulated that sewer beholders were the result of magical experiment there is no reason to believe that these creatures are anything but a further adaptation of the beholder genetic code which has proven so very mutable.  In the sewer there are very few things which could threaten a beholder, all of them abominations themselves.

(This creature comes from the custom world of Saas)

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