Grave Child

Climate/Terrain: Any land
Frequency: Very Rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Nocturnal
Diet: Special
Intelligence: Above Average (10 - 15)
Treasure: C
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
No. Appearing: 1
Armour Class: 4
Movement: 18
Hit Dice: 6
THAC0: 12
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage/Attacks: 3-8
Special Attack: Paralysing Scream
Special Defences: Hit only +1 or better weapons.
Magic Resistance: Immune to charm, sleep, hold and cold-based spells
Size: S (3’ to 4’)
Morale: Champion (16)
XP Value: 4,500

Grave children are demonic spirits which inhabit the bodies of newly dead children.  Depending on how long dead the child is the grave child looks more or less as it did in life, and even in the advanced stages of decomposition a grave child viewed from a distance will resemble a young child.  Up-close they look just like zombies, but have sharp nails and teeth.

Combat: Crave children cannot be damaged by normal weapons, but can be damaged by holy water for 1-8 hp per splash.

The grave child will only move to attack if it sees an adult of the opposite sex, but once combat is engaged it will kill indiscriminately.  The grave child often taunts its victims or entices them by seeming as a small child and will call out to entice its intended victim.  Grave children move with unnatural speed and strength, both of which they use to deadly effect in combat.

If a grave child consumes the heart of a victim, within 12 hours that person will rise up as an undead “parent” which behave as skeletons (the flesh dissolves away quickly) but cannot be turned unless the grave child is also turned.  Grave children turn as vampires.  Typically a grave child will have between 5 and 50 “parents” at any one time, but one which is newly created may have none, while there is no theoretical upper limit.

Once per turn a grave child can emit a paralysing scream.  All living things who hear the scream – and the range can be almost a mile under the right conditions – are paralysed for 1 round.  Creatures which cannot be charmed or have resistance to charm are more resistant to the scream and suffer only a –4 to hit and damage in the round.  Creatures protected from evil, with 16 levels of experience or 10HD are immune.

Habitat/Society:  Grave children exist on seldom travelled roads, accompanied by a retinue of “parents”.  Like spoiled children, grave children do not tolerate each others’ presence and will fight until destruction if they meet.  Grave children also dislike other intelligent undead, they will kill wights and wraiths, but flee from vampires and liches.

Ecology:  Grave children are undead.  They have no part to play in the world of the living and require no sustenance of any kind.


Notes for Saas: The grave children are one of the creatures born only in this, the most recent, third empire of man.  They owe their powers to demon blood, in the same way that vampires do, but the original personality is much too weak to survive.  While the vampire is more common in the south, especially in Boune where the first vampires of Saas came to public notice, the grave child is restricted almost exclusively to the empire of Alanthor.

(This creature was designed for the custom world of Saas)

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