The Pub Gremlin

Climate/Terrain: Anywhere alcohol occurs.
Frequency: Common.
Organization: Solitary.
Activity Cycle: Any, usually nocturnal.
Diet: Alcoholic
Intelligence: Low (7 – 9) (Genius cunning)
Treasure: O
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
No. Appearing: 1
Armour Class: 10
Movement: 9 (net value, 15 gross value, the pub gremlin staggers a lot)
Hit Dice: 1+1
THAC0: 20
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage/Attacks: 1 – 4 or by weapon
Special Attacks: Transfixing Glibness
Special Defences: Haze of Alcohol
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: M (5’ – 6’)
Morale: Irregular (4 – 6)
XP Value: ???

Vampires, dragons, liches, demi-gods, greater demons, arch-devils and mad wizards.  Every adventurer worth his +5 vorpal machine gun has a tale to tell of how he defeated such foes, but very few have ever fought against the wiles and iron constitution of the pub gremlin and won.  Physically human in appearance, but quite ugly, the pub gremlin has the power to transfix any individual and drink them into unconsciousness before robbing them blind.

Combat: The pub gremlin targets one person at a time, preferably away from their group.  The pub gremlin will sidle up to a character and attempt to start a conversation about some mundane topic.  If that individual replies they are automatically under the gremlin’s spell.  If he does not reply but fails a save vs. Petrify he will be drawn into a conversation with the pub gremlin anyway.  Once a conversation is begun the character will eventually feel the urge to challenge the gremlin to a drinking contest.  Here is where the gremlin shows its true colours.  As a native of the demi-plane of alcohol, the gremlin cannot be beaten in a drinking contest, by anyone, no matter how formidable the constitution of the drinker they will fall underneath the table eventually at which point the gremlin will pick his pockets (with 100% success rate) and make off with the profits.

A pub gremlin can drink his way through a fortune in a matter of days, drinking twenty four hours a day.  If the victim wants to recover any of his
finances he had best catch up with the gremlin fast!

Special Powers: Like all gremlins the pub gremlin is weak in combat and easily intimidated.  But those trying to hit him must save vs. poison or become intoxicated due to the gremlin's haze of alcohol.  Those who fail this save lose all their attacks in the first round of combat and must pass a system shock check to avoid falling inebriated to the ground.

Treasure: Depending on how long ago the gremlin preyed on a victim it may have a great deal of treasure or very little.

Ecology: Gremlins live to annoy everyone and cause mischief.  Often they are summoned accidentally by wizard looking for something that wont drive him bonkers – but accidents will happen.  It is also believed that some pub gremlins work in league with the infamous Guild of Evil Landlords to increase sales and that profits from such ventures are split on some mutually agreeable basis.  A pub gremlin so linked will doubtless have a bodyguard to protect it lounging somewhere on the premises.  At least one Pub Gremlin is known to own his own bar in Waterdeep called the Drouthy Flagon – an establishment where customers often spend much more than they intend.


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